About Us

ARCHiQUOTES is about a meeting of minds.

We help compatible architectural professionals and clients to find one another.

Our service makes it simple to initiate successful building projects.

The facility we offer also presents cost and time savings, for all involved.  In some cases it may even prevent prolonged headaches!

ARCHiQUOTES is about the built environment.

Architecture is central to all that we do.

Private or public; rural or urban; we appreciate the benefits of a built environment that is carefully considered, skilfully designed and well crafted.  We want everyone to share in this enjoyment through daily experience.

Our aim then, is to provide an optimal platform for matching architectural needs with skills.

ARCHiQUOTES is about a level playing field.

We realise that great buildings and successful man-made spaces have been designed by firms of all sizes.

With this in mind, we operate a straightforward, fixed-fee system that the vast majority of architectural professionals can easily afford.

We believe that our approach stimulates fair competition by enabling less-established practices, with fewer resources, to compete for any project.


What are you waiting for?  Get started now by registering your proposal, or following-up any projects that grab your attention!

Wishing you every success,